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Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

Storing the milk in the right container and at the right temperature is also important. Make sure that:

  • the pump is clean and clear from any dirt
  • the container is sanitized or washed

There are also breast milk storage bags that are available for storage. You can also use food-grade containers that comes with tight lids. Also keep in mind not to use bottles that has the recycle number 7 written on it. Moreover:

  • Never contain milk in disposable bottles or plastic bags
  • Keep the milk at a temperature of 77 degrees
  • Don’t refrigerate it for more than 5 days
  • Do not keep the milk bottle in the door of the fridge as there are more temperature variations there
  • Keep a space of 1 inch at the top of the bottle or container because breast milk expands when it is refrigerated
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